Frequently asked questions

How do I get the Mods?

Add me on one of these platforms or through my email and I will invite you as soon as I am on Discord: coloredhacks#6258 (all lowercase) Twitter: @ColoredRecovery Instagram: @coloredrecovery

Do you accept other payment options like Cash app, Paypal, etc?

Yes I do! Just message me with what you have and I can accept it!

How long are the lobbies?

Each game of multiplayer is about 15 mins,100-250 kills per game depending on how fast you are, and they are 100% safe. Zombies are very fast and only require a few kills per gun!

When are you on?

I am usually on all throughout the day, just message one of my contacts or email :)

God Mode tutorial for Bo1,MW3

How do I use the GodMode classes?
Q: How do I use the GodMode class? A: Just select one of the 3 GodMode classes first thing in a game and your good.You cannot switch to the class mid game. MW3 and BO1 GodMode class are alot diffirent from each other. Q: Can I Change the god mode class? A: Yes! There are certain things you cannot change or it will mess up the class. MW3: You can only change the secondary gun. Do not change the primary gun or the class will mess up. Also do not change the Perks or the kill streaks. BO1: you can change everything but Perk 1. On BO1 even making the first perk pro will mess up the class as well so just leave it as is. If you change somthing and it stops working look at the next question. If you have Overkill classes, then you cannot change any of the guns except the primary Q: I messed up one of my GodMode classes, can I fix it? A: Yes. Just copy one of the working GodMode classes and paste it in the one thats messed up and if should be fine. Q: The class isn't working! My head just disappeared thats it! A: The GodMode class has to be the first gun you select in the game. You cannotswitch to if mid game or just you head will disappear Q: Will I keep the GodMode class when I prestige? A: I'm suprised that people ask me this but the answer is no. You dont keep anything when you prestige so when I mod your account make sure you get whatever prestige you want to keep. Q: On MW3 I cannot pick up any guns or call in killstreaks? A: You cannot call in any kill streaks on MW3 with god mode classes but you can pick up guns as long as you avoid getting shot at. If your screen is red in MW3 then you will not be able to do anything but knife. Q: On BO1 I cannot sprint!
A: You can't sprint with the BO1 GodMode classes. Q: How can I use the GodMode class with another person that also has GodMode classes? A: Have one person select a GodMode class right when the game starts, then after the game starts lagging/countdown has gone away, have the second person select their GodMode class. Q: Im playing drop zone and the GodMode classes dont work? A: The GodMode classes don't work in drop zone because drop zone disables the killstreaks and thats were some of the modded stuff is injected on the class. Q: I want the GodMode classes to be double health in BO1, can I do that? A: Yes you can, follow this to make them double health. 1. During the starting countdown, spawn in with a normal, unmodded class. 2. While the countdown is still going, switch to a modded/invisible class. 3. Wait for the countdown to finish. 4. You should appear to be not modding, but you will be nearly impossible to kill. Q:How to call in killstreaks with Mw3 GodMode Classes Part 1 A:Make sure the god mode class has has a frag on it
Part 2 Make a class with
Primary:any Secondary: any A frag Portable Radar Perk 1: recon Perk 2: quickdraw Perk 3: marksman Surpport: UAV,Counter UAV,EMP/Escort Airdrop Part 3 Go into a game AND MAKE SURE THE PREGAME TIMER IS ABOVE 8 SECONDS and hold the frag until you screen goes red around the edge ( Like your kill )
Part 4 Change to the normal classes that you made
Part 5 Get the moab then hold the frag again and u should die then just call the moab in

What Mods, Hacks, or Cheats do you have for Call of Duty?

I have Bot Lobbies for Vanguard, Cold War, Warzone, Modern Warfare, and Black ops 4, Mods for Level 1000, Cheats for Dark Matter Ultra Camo and Damascus Camo, Hacks Warzone and Modern warfare Stats! Check out my store linked below or message me on Discord! https://www.codmodz.com/shop coloredhacks#6258