What payment options do you accept?


1. Paypal: We will  accept paypal money because its real money and its what we use to pay for things.


2. Google Wallet: We will always accept Google Wallet as well. 


3. BTC: It is a easier and less of a headache then paypal to send and recive money on


4. Amazon Gift Cards: Like microsoft points or XBL cards, Amazon cards are only taken as payment if we need it or can find a way to sell the card at the time. Just tell us before hand and we will tell you wether we will accept it as payment or not!


5. Psn Codes: Even though we dont mod ps3 yet, we still accept psn points for personal use 


6. Microsoft Points Or XBL Cards: This isnt our favorite way to get paid but we do accept cards but only if we really want them at that time or know that we can sell the card to somone for money. Ask first If we will take microsoft points or xbl cards! The only way to garentee that we will take msp is if its doulbe the value. ex a $10 recovery would take $20 in msp