KV Tutorial


Don't Know How To Change Your KV?

One way is to flash it to your nand, this way is probably takes the longest to do, but it also helps when servers or tools try to steal your KVs, since you KV is flashed to your nand it cannot be stolen.

But probably the easiest way to get you console unbanned is to put your KV on hdd. Thats all you have to do!

Don't Know How To Flash Your KV To Your Nand?

First off your are going to need to download 360 Flash Tool (http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/51-360-flash-tool-v097/) after you get the tool you are going to need your flashdmp.bin, after you get your flashdmp.bin you are gonna load it into the 360 Flash tool and then click on import, after you clicked on import you click on the box next to Key Vault, then you are going to click the three periods and load your KV after that, you click OK, then click on Patch. After clicking patch, you click on the box next to Patch Key Vault, then enter the correct region, DVD Key, and OSIG, then click OK.Then you are going to name the file updflash.bin. After its done you are going to put the .bin onto a usb and plug it into you console, after its plugged in you are going to turn the console off and boot xell reloaded, after xell reloaded is loaded you are gonna wait until it says "updflash.bin found do you want to continue" after is says that you are gonna wait until it tells you to turn you console off. Then boom you are done.

Don't Know How to Get Your Flashdmp.bin

First off you are going to need Flash 360, after you get it, put it on a usb and load xexmenu, after you have loaded xexmenu you are going to select the usb and click on flash 360 and then click on the default.xex, after its loaded up you are going to press X on your controller and it will make a backup of your nand and put it on your usb. After you have the flashdmp.bin you are done!

I Flashed My Nand And My Console Gets A Black Screen When I Trun It On

That means you bad nand, so to fix that you are gonna have to take a old flashdmp.bin and rename it to updflash.bin and re-flash your nand. After you have done that, you console should be fixed

I Changed MY KV And It Says I'm Banned!!

When you get a new KV make sure you have it named KV.bin, if you don't have it named that, the console will not read it as a KV. If it is still telling you that your console is banned, check to see if you have two KV.bins on your hdd, if you don't then check it in a KV checker if its banned then your KV is banned.