Grand Theft Auto: V Transferable Pre-Modded


Skype: Coloredhacks 


Grand Thief Auto Transferable Accounts PS4 XB1 PC

Transferable  NOW!!

Pre-Modded with: 

Rank 140

Money: 550m

Unlocks: LSC Customs, Max Abilities, Heist Vehicles, Weapon Camos, Snacks, Armour, Other Unlocks

Paypal, Amazon Gift Card (American), Google Wallet (American) or Bitcoin


Paypal: $30

Amazon Gift card(American): $35

Google Wallet(American): $25

Bitcoin: $25

Other notes on accounts: 

1. They are modded Xbox 360 accounts that ARE transferable to
Xbox one or PlayStation 4 or PC

2.  All the characters are Males

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