Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

 Power Leveling/Boosting Lobbies

**PS4 and XB1**

Cash App, Venmo, Paypal, Amazon Gift Card (American), Google Wallet (American) or Bitcoin



Modded with: 

  100+ Kills per game

            50k+ XP Per Game (Min. with no challenges or DXP)


We have 10 Xbox's and 10 PS4's to fill up the lobby full of dummy accounts for you to kill, each game takes around 20 min and you will go around and get kills on the dummy players! We will invite you and host it! Get that Dark Matter camo, K/D Ratio, and challenges up in the game!


                                                                      1 Game = $10
                                                          3 Games = $15
                                                          6 Games = $30
                                                         10 Games= $50
                                                          15 Games= $70

Get from $5 To $15 off with Cash app, Venmo, BTC, or Amazon Gift Card!


(In our boosting lobby you can easily get headshots, longshots, attachment kills, blood-thirsties, rapid kills, revenge kills, etc. It takes about 2 games to get one gun gold, and about 10 games to achieve diamond camo.)

(You can kill for XP / levels, you can use your time to do your challenges, specific weapons, or even improve your KD ratio. Also this would be the best place for you to maximize your Double XP codes and/or Double XP weekends!)

You can easily get 50K+ XP per game (without 2XP) as well as complete camo challenges at the same time. You can easily get 100+ headshots each game.

Each game played will take around 22 minutes. Five games will take approximately 2 hours to complete. It also takes around 4 hours to achieve diamond weapons for one whole gun glass (For example: All Assault Rifles diamond will take around 4 hours).

Skype: Coloredhacks

Don't have a Skype? Click here for my Contacts!