Advanced Warfare Recovery




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EXO Suits!! Ask for them (4 max, Free with Master Package or God Account)

Weapon             Optic          Optic          Samurai       Clown         Sentinel

Master            Whiteout         Gold                        

Grand           Purple Grand     Luchador         Boxer          VooDoo        Diver

Master          Master                                

Elite Guns unlocked from master prestiges:


BAL 27 – Obsidian Steed

MP11 – Goliath

MORS – Silver Bullet

TAC19 – Sledgehammer

EM1 – Polar Vortex

ARX 160 – Steel Bite

AMR9 – Pro Pipe

AMELI – Whale Horn

AE4 – Gigawatt

IMR – Thunder Tusk

SN6 – Money

ASM1 – Speakeasy

PYTAEK – Loophole

HBRA3 – Bear Fist

ASM1 – Strider